GinSing Shield

GinSing Shield description:

Sound and voice synthesizer based on the Savage Innovations SSGO1 chip, which is a complex waveform synthesizer capable of voice synthesis, polyphonic voicing, and a configurable waveform synthesizer with complex modulation, envelope, mixer control and more.

GinSing Shield

GinSing Shield specification:

  • Synthesizer circuit – Babblebot IC, clock, PWM filter.
  • Amplifier circuit – NJM386 1 watt audio amplifier and noise stabilization.
  • 3.5mm audio jack – for headphone and line level output.
  • Sounding LED – indicator when sound is being produced.
  • Volume control – gain control for audio amplifier.
  • Configuration jumpers – selectable Arduino pin assignments.
  • Hi power feed – use up to 18V via external Arduino power jack.
  • Board headers – full length through-connects for shield stacking.
  • Speaker pad – to connect external 8-32 ohm speaker.
  • Q pad – software controllable digital output.

GinSing Shield pinout:

GinSing Shield pinout:Note:
Serial interface can be jumpered to use either:
D2/3/4, OR


For more detail: GinSing Shield

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