Energy Shield

Energy Shield description:

Arduino Energy Shield is a board which enables you to monitor your house, office or any other installation or equipment energy consumption. Includes headers for an Xbee module for wireless communication. Uses the ADE7753 chip which allows measurement of active power, reactive power, RMS voltage, and current.

Energy Shield

Energy Shield specification:

  • Meter active power and apparent
  • Meter voltage and current RMS
  • Operating range: 0 [V] and 220 [V]
  • Maximum current of 30 [A]
  • Sensor capable of measuring temperature between -25 ° C and 80 ° C with 3 ° C accuracy.
  • Optocoupler output pulse frequency proportional to watt-hour measured.
  • Socket 12mm Coin Type Battery
  • Real time clock
  • IC DS1307
  • 32kHz clock
  • Arduino reset button
  • Power supply 5 VDC
  • Socket for connecting XBee module
  • Connectors for electrically isolated probes.

Energy Shield pinout:

Energy Shield


For more detail: Energy Shield

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