EL Escudo

EL Escudo description:

The EL Escudo is an Arduino shield that drives EL wire.

Electroluminescent wire is a flexible cord that emits a florescent light. Some times referred to as ‘cool neon’ because the cord does not heat up. The problem is that EL wire runs on high voltage AC: about 125V at 425Hz. While EL wire requires very little power, you can’t use normal transistors to turn on/off a string of it. The EL Escudo uses TRIACs to control up to 8 channels.

EL Escudo

EL Escudo specification:

  • Eight opto-isolated, zero-crossing control channels
  • No library needed – control is as easy as turning a LED on and off
  • Shield is compatible with 5V or 3.3V Arduinos
  • Integrated 1.5A linear regulator (LM317) to supply regulated DC power to external inverter
  • Linear regulator preset to 3.3V, but can be changed via PTH resistors, or bypassed entirely
  • External inverter required, not included
  • Comes without headers, soldering required

EL Escudo pinout:

EL Escudo


For more detail: EL Escudo

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