DollyShield description:

The DollyShield is for DIY motion control for timelapse and videography. Controls a camera dolly.

Provides all elements necessary for a stand-alone user interface, an integrated and isolated camera connection, easy access to the hardware serial pins through a stereo jack, and an additional stereo jack connecting to pins D2 and D3 to allow for the use of encoders or limit switches. D2 and D3 are chosen for their association with hardware interrupts which increase the reliability of encoder or limit switch actions.


DollyShield specification:


DollyShield pinout:

D0: Ext_0 (Ring)
D1: Ext_0 (Tip)
D2: Ext_1 (Ring)
D3: Ext_1 (Tip)
D4: LCD D7
D5: Motor 0 PWM
D6: Motor 1 PWM
D7: LCD D6
D8: LCD D5
D9: LCD Backlight PWM
D10: n/c
D11: LCD D4
D12: Focus (Cam Ring, OK1/1)
D13: Shutter (Cam Tip, OK1/2)
A0: Pushbuttons
A1: Motor 0 DIR
A2: Motor 1 DIR
A5: n/c


For more detail: DollyShield

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