Designing Electronics in Spain

This project starts a few weeks ago. My six years old daughter usually sleeps with a light on in her bedroom. Talking with her, we decide to hack her LAMPAN Ikea lamp to make some improvements, including a manual RGB controller to set the light colour, a timeout to turn off the light after 30 minutes without changes and a bluetooth connection to control the lamp with a smartphone or tablet. So, if you continue reading  the post, you’ll see what we develop!

Designing Electronics in Spain

The aim of this project, besides my own entertainment, is to have a lamp with the following features:

  1. First, and obviously, maintain the connection for a light bulb, for the times that she wants to read before sleep.
  2. Set manually the colour of the lamp on a easy way. This includes turn on the light bulb, change the colour or turn off the lamp.
  3. Also, the colour can vary from a device with a bluetooth connection, such a mobile phone or tablet.
  4. Set a timeout to turn off automatically the lamp.

To develop this project, I use elements I’ve at home, so many of them are oversized (specially the SSR and the microcontroller). It’s possible design something similar on a more optimized way.

For more Details: Designing Electronics in Spain


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