Datalog & IO Shield v1.0

Datalog & IO Shield v1.0 description:

The Realtime Datalog & IO shield is a platform to interface various sensor and IO modules. It provides real-time clock and SD card interface for mass storage of sensor data.

Datalog & IO Shield v1.0

Datalog & IO Shield v1.0 specification:


Datalog & IO Shield v1.0 pinout:

Datalog & IO Shield v1.0Note:
Analog pins are brought out to the connectors on the shield.
D3,D4 and D6 are used for the RTC.
D5 (/CS), SCK,MISO,MOSI are used for the SD Card
D10 is not actually used, but must be an OUTPUT and High during setup of the SPI interface.


For more detail: Datalog & IO Shield v1.0

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