CC2500 Shield

CC2500 Shield description:

The CC2500 shield is a Arduino shield that connects a CC2500 to the Arduino and can control a Philips Livingcolors Gen 1 Lamp. The shield provides active level shifting between the 3.3V logic levels of the CC2500 and the 5V logic levels of the Arduino.

CC2500 Shield

CC2500 Shield specification:

  • Smallest parts first. In this case the two 74LVC125 and the DPAK voltage regulator.
  • If you are assembling the version of the CC2500 module with the eternal antenna, you should solder it now. Check the alignment with the holes in the PCB and the notches on the module.
  • If you have the module with the internal antenna, now is the time to solder the 8 pin header.
  • Solder the rest of the parts.
  • Make sure the IC’s are mounted correctly, pin 1 should be near the 8 pin header.
  • There are two different values resistors on the board. R2 and R3 are  680 Ohm, R4 is 10k Ohm. There is no R1.
  • The LED’s should be mounted with the cathode (the short pin) in the ground plane. The short pen should be near the prototyping area, the long pen near the resistors.
  • Do NOT mount JP1 and JP3 unless you know what you want to use them for. There is no JP2.

CC2500 Shield pinout:

CC2500 ShieldNote:
MISO is tri stated when SS is inactive.


For more detail: CC2500 Shield

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