Breakout Shield v1.4

Breakout Shield v1.4 description:

The Arduino Breakout Shield provides all the Arduino pins as screw terminals. It is perfect for semi-permanent Arduino projects, or just general prototyping. It also provides extra GND, 3.3V, 5V, and Supply voltage pins for convenience.

Version 1.4 fixes a potential short problem, and adds additional female headers to allow shield stacking.

Breakout Shield v1.4

Breakout Shield v1.4 specification:

  • GERBER files for getting it manufactured
  • PDF files of the schematic, copper layers, and silkscreen
  • Eagle source files for modification
  • 3D rendered image as well as POVRay scene file
  • exerciser code to test your board.

Breakout Shield v1.4 pinout:

Breakout Shield v1.4


For more detail: Breakout Shield v1.4

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