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Arduino Sprinkler System plus Web control

A smart sprinkler system for the rest of us… No soldering involved ! Just pile up a couple of shields on top of an arduino and control your sprinkler system from anywhere. A couple of friends wanted to replicate the sprinkler system presented in this instructable but were scared by the complexity of it. Well, …

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Arduino Controlled Relay Box

This project is designed to help you construct some relay boxes for controlling power from your wall socket using an arduino or microcontroller.  The inspiration for writing an instructable came when I decided to build some relay boxes for my personal Garduino project.  For safety concerns I started designing my own relay circuit and outlet until I came …

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Twisted RF beams achieve 32 GB/s

Transmissions reach speeds of 32 gigabits per second Contact: Robert Perkins at (213) 740-9226 or [email protected] Building on previous research that twisted light to send data at unheard-of speeds, scientists at USC have developed a similar technique with radiowaves, reaching high speeds without some of the hassles that can go with optical systems. The researchers, …

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