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Combining Arduino and other shield modules, we make a mobile phone named Arduino Phone. Meanwhile, we printed a shell for it with a 3D printer. Though not as fine as you think, even a little bit clunky, it is still very cool: that is the point–this is a cell phone made by ourselves.
Here is a detailed explanation about the steps of making an Arduino Phone, including the hardware connection and software implementation.


Preparing stuffs

At the very beginning, we’d better prepare the materials. Of course, most of these modules can be purchased directly, such as Arduino Uno, TFT Touch Shield and GPRS Shield.
Owning to we want to put our Arduino Phone into a 3D printed shell, and in order to adapt the size of this shell, we have to DIY a charging and discharging PCB board (including two parts) and an expansion PCB board which can connect to the headphone jack of GPRS Shield.
If you want to make a shell by yourself, you can directly take Lipo Rider, or something like this, as the charge sheet. Thus, you do not need to DIY PCB board in order to meet the size of the shell.
What you need:

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. TFT Touch Shield
  3. GPRS Shield
  4. RTC
  5. Custom ArduinoPhone Charge Circuit (or Lipo Rider)
  6. Li-po battery
  7. A shell (with 3D printer)

Hardware Connection

After preparing the materials, we need to assemble the above electronic components to lay the foundation functional part of Arduino Phone.

  1. Plug GPRS Shield into Arduino UNI, then, connect the TFT Touch Shield to GPRS.
  2. Connect RTC module to Arduino UNO.
  3. Plug into the power module, and connect your earphone to the headphone jack on GPRS.
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If you choose to use Lipo Rider, you can refer to this sort of connection.

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