How to Control a Ton of RGB LEDs with Arduino & TLC5940

This video explains how to use the 16 channel PWM controller TLC5940 The CODE: //Texas Instruments TLC 5940 with Arduino // #include <SPI.h>//Serial Peripheral Interface Library byte ch=0, chbit=0, spibit=0, spibyte=0;// variables used by tlc sub routine int SINData;//variable used to shift data to the TLC byte transferbyte[48];// bytes that are sent out to the tlc5940 via SPI // 48 ...

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Creative diorama lighting with the Arduino and TLC5940

I became interested in model railroading a few years ago. It's a hobby that requires skills in precision painting, model building, scenery design, wood working, electrical engineering and about a dozen other skills that I’m forgetting right now. It is an excellent creative outlet. Realism can be a part of the hobby, like laying out a train line complete with all the scenery with historical accuracy. You can ...

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Use Arduino for Projects is Stephen Fry proof thanks to caching by WP Super Cache

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