PC-based heart rate monitor using Arduino and Easy Pulse sensor

The heart rate, also referred to as pulse rate, has been recognized as a vital sign since the beginning of medicine, and it is directly related to a person’s cadiovascular health. Today, we are going to make a PC-based heart rate monitor system using an Arduino board and Easy Pulse V1.1 sensor. Easy Pulse is a pulse detecting sensor that uses the principle of transmission photo-plethysmography (PPG) to sens ...

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Arduino 101 Curie iOS Pulse Sensor

I want use the Genuino 101 by Intel and Arduino for a project that regards health, but I want to use all the characteristics of the Arduino 101. One of most important characteristics of this board, I think, is the BLE connection. Then I want to connect my phone with Arduino 101 for my Autogenic Training. I can monitor my pulse during the sessions. The monitoring is possible by use of the pulse sensor AMPED ...

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DIY Arduino Pulse Sensor

So I mentioned in an earlier Instructable that I am a teaching assistant (TA) for an introductory engineering course for biomedical engineering majors at Vanderbilt University. My main task as a TA is to re-write a few laboratory exercises that the students will be performed during the class. One of the laboratory exercises was to implement a simple circuit to measure the someone's heart rate using photople ...

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