LTC4015 – Multichemistry Buck Battery Charger Controller with Digital Telemetry System

Features Multichemistry Li-Ion/Polymer, LiFePO4, or Lead- Acid Battery Charger with Termination High Efficiency Synchronous Buck Battery Charger Digital Telemetry System Monitors VBAT, IBAT, RBAT,NTC Ratio (Battery Temperature), VIN, IIN, VSYSTEM, Die Temperature Coulomb Counter and Integrated 14-Bit ADC Wide Charging Input Voltage Range: 4.5V to 35V Wide Battery Voltage Range: Up to 35V Input Undervoltage ...

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pHduino description: A pH meter shield for a combined glass electrode pH sensor. PCB: Creative Commons 3.0. Source code: GPLv2. pHduino specification:   pHduino pinout: Note: A0: pH analog signal. A1: voltage reference. A2: temperature analog signal. D2: control button. D3: buzzer. D6-D12: LCD. D13: status LED.   For more detail: pHduino ...

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