Basics of Turning your Remote Controll Vehicle into an Autonomous System (Drone) Using an Arduino

I began this project with the objective of cheaply turning my RC helicopter into something of a UAV or at least to fit some sensors to reduce collisions and other "mis-haps." Now unfortunately at the beginning of the project i miscalculated my little helicopter's lift capabilities and so with the equipment fitted it has insufficient power to get more than a couple of inches of the ground, but all of the sys ...

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Autonomous drone that you already have in your pocket!

In this tutorial i want to learn you something, maybe change your mind. And make autonomous drones available for everyone. Simple question is: What do you need to make your drone autonomous? . Answer: - GPS - Accelerometer - Gyroscope - Telemetry wireless system - Camera - Some better micro processor Its expensive right? Real answer: Its cheap, and you already have it in your pocket!!! Modern Android phones ...

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Autonomous Robot Part 3: Ghosty

Introduction Ghosty is an autonomous little robot who is adventurous and loves to explore his surroundings. However, unlike a normal ghost, he doesn’t like to scare people. Instead they actually scare him! In our most current version of Ghosty, his vision line is based on the data of two proximity sensor data reads. The difference between the data of the two proximity sensors determine whether the motors th ...

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Ollie- a DIY autonomous robotic blimp using arduino

Ollie is an open source blimp-based autonomous and ambient robot that dwells in human habitats. Ollie is observant, often flying in a manner suggesting curiosity for the world around him. Ollie reacts to voices by excitedly flapping his wings, communicating his friendliness and eagerness to be noticed. Ollie wants to know about humans and yearns for their attention. Ollie is available to DIYers, hobbyists, ...

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Autonomous Control of RC Car Using Arduino

This instructable shows how to modify an inexpensive RC car so it can be controlled by an on-board microcontroller.  You can program the controller to make the car do any number of driving patterns and stunts.  Once you have the car being controlled from the on-board controller, you can add sensors for light and sound and make the car do things like line following. Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools I used ...

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Autonomous Autonavigation Robot using Arduino

This is a step by step guide to build an autonomous navigation robot. We use the Arduino microcontroller to control this robot. We have two different programs for this robot. The first enables the robot to drive around and avoid anything that gets in its way. This avoiding obstacles program uses two ultrasonic sensors. Our other program uses 2-D arrays to map out the surrounding area. Based on the values we ...

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