ShiftBrite Shield

ShiftBrite Shield description:

The ShiftBrite Shield is a convenient way to attach ShiftBrites and power to a standard Arduino controller. It has a screw clamp terminal for power connections, a right angle header for SPI control of ShiftBrites, pass-through female headers (optional), and a large prototyping area for custom circuitry.

Centipede Shield

ShiftBrite Shield specification:

Type: Arduino Shield
Function: Supply power and control to ShiftBrites
Works with: ShiftBrites, MegaBrites, ShiftBars
Fits: Arduino Diecimila, Duemilanove, Seeeduino, etc.
Power Supply: 5.5V to 12V DC (ShiftBrite Header)
5V (from Arduino)
Pin Usage: Digital 9, 10, 11, 13; VIN
Inputs: Power via screw clamp terminals
Outputs: SPI ShiftBrite chain
Other features: Passthrough female headers, prototyping area

ShiftBrite Shield pinout:

Centipede ShieldNote:

The Centipede Shield uses the official Arduino designation of I2C pins, namely the alternate functions of Analog 4 and 5 on the original Arduino pin configuration. While the Centipede Shield is in use, the analog input functions of Analog 4 and 5 cannot be used.


For more detail: Centipede Shield

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