Shield Dock

Shield Dock description:

The Shield Dock is a versatile prototyping shield that can be used in several different ways:

1. With a traditionally shaped Arduino, as a prototyping shield.
2. As a pin break-out for your other shields to a breadboard, or built into a permanent project.
3. Docked with a Sippino to give it compatibility with regular shields.

Shield Dock

Shield Dock specification:

  • Bottom silk screening (so that you don’t have to keep flipping it over as you solder)
  • All of the Arduino pins brought out in a line on one edge with clear white labeling
  • Screw hole pattern matches the UNO layout
  • Two sets of dual power rails (you decide which are powered or not)
  • Includes more headers than you need (for many ways to use the Shield Dock)
  • Two rows of tripled or doubled up pins for placing DIP chips
  • You decide where in your stack to place it
  • Maximum space for your project
  • Sexy blue solder mask, same as the Sippino & Prototino

Shield Dock pinout:

Shield DockNote:
None of the pins are reserved, or otherwise used. All of the Sippino docked pins, A0 to A6, and D0 thru D13, Power, GND, etc are connected internally to the shield points.


For more detail: Shield Dock

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