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Arduino Weather Station Part3, Rain

So one of my last projects was adding a weather vane to my Arduino weather station. This Lazy Old Geek decided to add a rain gauge to it even though we don’t get much rain in the high desert. Most digital rain gauges are based on something called a tipping bucket. Here is a good diagram ...

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Secret Knock Detecting Door Lock using Arduino

Protect your secret hideout from intruders with a lock that will only open when it hears the secret knock. This started out as a bit of a joke project, but turned out to be surprisingly accurate at judging knocks. If the precision is turned all the way up it can even detect people apart, even if they give the same knock! (Though this does trigger a lot of false negatives, which is no fun if you're in a hurr ...

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Fun Sun-tracking Arduino

The Just-For-Fun Sun-tracker              using the Arduino and two servos. This device, along the lines of the most useless toy, is not so much for function as it is for fun. But as with many things, you can't spell function without fun! This could easily be modified to rotate solar panels into the right position for the best solar power absorption. Ingredients: An Imperial short ton of cardboard! Arduino ...

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Arduino Solar Tracker

What is does: It searches for the brightest light source like the sun. Step 1: How it works How it works: I'd made a sensor of 4 LDRs with sheets between them The withe stips are the LDRs   When the stick on top is righted to the sun or the brightest point the four LDRs get the same amount of light on them. Example1 when the light is left on top: right-top, right-down, left-down are in the shadow and left-t ...

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Auto Leveling Laser Cross using Arduino

So this Lazy Old Geek purchased a Laser Cross. I created a manual leveling Laser Cross to use for aligning stuff on my drill press: Well, being a Geek I decided to make an automated platform that adjusts automatically with an Arduino. Well, the picture may look a little scary but I’ll break it down into little bitty parts. Step 1: Parts Lists Parts L ...

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Arduino 2-axis servo solar tracker

What is a solar tracker? A solar tracker can increase the efficiency of a solar panel by up to 100%! It does this by always keeping the panel perpendicular to the incoming rays of sunlight. here's an equation to prove this: P = AW sin θ P = power generated by the solar panel A = Area of the solar panel W = is the solar constant, which is equal to 1340 watts per square meter θ = the angle of the incoming lig ...

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Arduino Color Sensor

Here we will be learning how to make a color sensor. my model consists of three cardboard compartments containing an LED - one red, one blue, and one green - and an OP550B phototransistor. The LED's shine simultaneously on a solid colored card. The phototransistors are connected to an Arduino Uno, which converts the relative amounts of measured reflected light of each color into RGB components which are use ...

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Building a semi Smart, DIY boat with Arduino and some other sensors

I based this off of this really nice post for building a water bottle boat, with some additions for obstacle avoidance and light-guided control. I used Arduino as a microcontroller, an ultrasonic sensor in the front, a few simple switches on the side of the boat, and a few light sensors on either side.  See here for a few more photos or here for a pdf step by step. This simple little float ...

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