Arduino HVAC Servo Thermostat or Controller

Welcome to my 'green' instructable! I am going to show you how to use an Arduino, two servo motors a temperature sensor and some metal (or wood) to make a digital thermostat for a through-wall HVAC unit. According to CB Richard Ellis (a major real estate firm), New York City is a renters market, with only about 1/3 of the population owning their home (versus almost 70% home ownership for the rest of the US) ...

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How to make a servo and Ardiuno stand

In this instructible I will show you how I make my servo stand.  This stand is useful if you want to test a new way to control a servo but dont want to use a servo on your robot or something.  make Step 1: Cut the wood cut 2 5inch pieces of 2x4 then measure the short side of the servo and add 2inches then cut 2 pieces of paint stirrer to this measurement Step 2: Put it togather First -skrew the servo on to ...

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