BaroTemp Shield

BaroTemp Shield description:

Shield contains the Maxim DS1307 Clock and the air pressure and temperature sensor BMP085 manufactured by Bosch Sensortec.

BaroTemp Shield

BaroTemp Shield specification:

21/4W 4,7KWiderstand 4,7KΩ ¼W
1DS 1307RTC 8-Pin DIL, 56Byte NV-RAM
1Z5U-100nKeramik Kondensator 100nF, RM 5mm
10,032768-L6Uhrenquarz 32.768KHz, 12,5pF
1KZH 20-1Knopfzellenhalter 20mm
1CR 2032Lithium Knopfzelle 20×3,2mm 210mAh
2ST 24C512 BN6AT24C512, 64KB EEprom, I2C (nur v2 Platinen)

BaroTemp Shield pinout:

BaroTemp ShieldNote:
Pin D2 is optional. The is a solderpad to activate the external interrupt by the RTC.


For more detail: BaroTemp Shield

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