Arduino theremin like musical instrument

When I got my Arduino protoshield from sparkfun, I wanted to make something cool with it. And since I had seen a few Theremin projects before, and already thought about making some, I finally made one, using the Parallax PING sonar sensor. Here are some informations about how I made it. You can see all the pictures here

Arduino Theremin

First, the schematics:

Here’s the commented code for the Arduino:

int pingPin = 7;
int buzzPin = 10;
int btnPin = 1;
int val;
void setup()
pinMode(buzzPin, OUTPUT);  //set speaker pin to output
pinMode(btnPin, INPUT);    //set pushbutton pin to input
int getPing()
//send a 10us pulse to wake up the sonar
pinMode(pingPin, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(pingPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(pingPin, LOW);
//get the raw value from the sonar, corresponding to the
//actual time of travel of the ultrasound waves
pinMode(pingPin, INPUT);
return pulseIn(pingPin, HIGH);  //return this value
void loop()
if (digitalRead(btnPin) == HIGH)  //only play when the button is pressed
val = getPing() / 5;  //you can tune the pitch by dividing by a different number
//generate the pulse
digitalWrite(buzzPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(buzzPin, LOW);

Arduino Theremin Schematic

And that’s about it! Now you should start to learn how to play it… Kinda hard at the beginning, but that’s where the fun begins!

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