Arduino robot kit – Wiring Diagram

I have created this wiring diagram for the connections between the motor controller, motors, and sensor shield. I’ll update it later to include other components.

Arduino robot kit – Wiring Diagram schemetic

And here is an update that includes the servo motor and the range sensor.

Arduino robot kit – Wiring Diagram Sensor schemetic

And here are the detailed pin assignments for all modules:

Arduino PinDescriptionMotor ControllerRange SensorServo MotorLine DetectorBluetooth Module
D0Digital Pin 0 RXTXD
D1Digital Pin 1 TXRXD
D2Digital Pin 2IN4
D3Digital Pin 3 (PWM)ENB
D4Digital Pin 4IN3
D5Digital Pin 5 (PWM)IN2
D6Digital Pin 6 (PWM)ENA
D7Digital Pin 7IN1
D8Digital Pin 8S
D9Digital Pin 9 (PWM)Orange
D10Digital Pin 10 (PWM)
D11Digital Pin 11 (PWM)
D12Digital Pin 12Trig
D13Digital Pin 13Echo
A0Analog input 0
A1Analog input 1
A2Analog input 2
A3Analog input 3
A4Analog input 4
A5Analog input 5


The diagrams above are not the only way you can connect the components so use at your own risk.


For more detail: Arduino robot kit – Wiring Diagram

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