4-Digit Shield

4-Digit Shield description:

A 4-digit LED matrix display with built-in ASCII 104-character font and 24 user-definable characters.

4-Digit Shield

4-Digit Shield specification:

  • Arduino compatible shield
  • 140 LEDs – 4 1.5 inch(3.8cm). Red 5 x 7 Matrix Displays
  • Low power – No external power required. Power sourced from Arduio.
  • Easy to use – requires very little code space.
  • Easy to program – Library with advanced function available from our downloads section.
  • Fast response – 400kbps 2-Wire Interface Compatible with I2C 2.7V to 5.5V operation
  • Uses MAX6953 driver chip
    • Built-In ASCII 104-Character Font
    • 24 User-Definable Characters Available
    • Automatic Blinking Control for Each Segment
    • Low-power shutdown 70uA mode
    • Display Blanked on Power-Up
    • Test mode that forces all LEDs on.
    • LED drivers are slew-rate limited to reduce EMI.

4-Digit Shield pinout:

4-Digit ShieldNote:
D2 & D3: optional interrupt input pins.


For more detail: 4-Digit Shield

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